Animal Mods for Minecraft PE

Downloadthe Best Animals Mod for Minecraft PEmake new wonderful friends who can protect the hero or his home.
Some creatures may look just like real onesand others will not be found anywhere except in the cubic world.
Users can tamebreedor simply admire new creaturesIn any caseit will help to make the gameplay even more interesting.

Download Fox Mod for Minecraft PE: tame new cute animals, they will be wonderful companions of the hero on his travels.

Best Fox Mod for MCPE

It is known that these red-haired animals are not tamed in the real world. The developers of Fox Mod decided to fix this and added this feature to Minecraft PE.

Users will really have a lot to choose from, foxes of a wide variety of colors will appear in the cubic world. They can be fed and propagated.

In addition to the animals that actually exist, fictional characters will also be available to the heroes. They look very unusual and creative and will definitely surprise with their appearance.

New species

Fox Mod will delight all users with a large number of different types of these cute animals. Each player will be able to choose the animal that they like best.

In addition to the standard red, black, and white colors, the developers have added several fictional variants to Minecraft PE. For example, a Kitsune can be crossed by crossing a red fox with a white one. Users will get an individual with a very unusual color.

By the way, there is a fennec, Vulpes, raccoon, and red panda. All the animals look very cute and will become great friends for the hero.

Main features

The main thing that the hero should stock up on is sweet berries. With their help, it will be possible to tame these animals in Minecraft PE. By the way, if the hero has this delicacy in his hands, the animal will follow him.

The player can order the animal tamer to sit still, but they will not attack other mods for protection. In addition, the cubs bred from such individuals will be wild. These babies look especially cute and touching.

The behavior of these new mobs will be no different from the standard ones. At the same time, Minecraft PE developers have added a unique sleep animation for these cute animals to this update.

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Download Wolf Mod for Minecraft PE: meet new animals and add variety to the game space.

Best Wolf Mod for MCPE

This time, users have the opportunity to see the strongest wild animals that are not used to retreating or being afraid. Now every Minecraft PE user can get a loyal friend who will protect him from all enemies and follow his master.

Wolf Mod includes animals of a wide variety of colors and has unique properties. Some species cannot be found anywhere at all, except in this update.

New individuals

The main feature of Wolf Mod for Minecraft PE is that incredible creatures become available to users, they have unique abilities and can protect their master from any enemies.

  • brown – howl at night, found in mountain forests;
  • black – appears where it is cold;
  • white – live in cold biomes;
  • wild – differ in spotted color and large ears. Users can see them in the savannah;
  • snowy – have a gray-white color. Their bite freezes the victim for five seconds;
  • creatures from the Lower World or the Edge – the first distinctive feature is a glowing tail, and the second has purple eyes. They are an enhanced version of ordinary individuals;
  • skeletons are another unusual species, if tamed they will gradually restore the health level of the player. These creatures look very unusual.


It is no secret that dogs are distant relatives of their wild counterparts. Therefore, these cute animals also appear in Wolf Mod. Users can choose from several breeds.

Huskies live in cold biomes, several color options are available. Hounds can be found in birch forests, they have unique capabilities. Like animals in the real world, they can find an object that is very far away from them.

In any case, these are wonderful companions of the hero, with whom the time spent in Wolf Mod will become even more interesting.

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